Event Information

Important Items to Note:

  • The national time limit for toss-up questions is 5 seconds. However, at the regional event, we will be providing the students 7 seconds for toss-up questions (our High School Science Bowl uses this method and has found that the extra two seconds does not make a difference amongst the top teams).
  • If the non-playing team engages in behavior that is visually or verbally distracting, the opposing team will be awarded 10 points for the bonus question and given the option of having 40 additional seconds run off the clock. However, we will be encouraging our moderators to give the distracting team a warning first in the morning rounds before awarding any points against them.
  • Electronic devices cannot be used (by competitors or spectators) during the academic rounds.


Does each student need to check-in at the morning registration table?: All students should check-in with their coach(es) upon arrival. Then, the coach should check-in with event staff on behalf of their entire team (students do not need to check in with event staff individually).

Will food be provided for spectators?: Coffee and donuts will be made available to all for breakfast. Lunch will NOT be provided for spectators. Spectators may bring their own lunch or purchase lunch from a local dining option, such as those within the nearby UConn Student Union.

Where should we park?: According to UConn Parking Services, “Visitors may park in any unrestricted legal space on the weekends but care must be taken to avoid areas of campus in which parking is restricted 24-hours/7-days per week.” Parking–if available–is free in student lots and non-restricted street parking spots. We are not able to validate parking in the UConn garages. Campus parking options can be found at: http://park.uconn.edu/.

Where is the competition taking place?: The competition will be taking place at UConn-Storrs Laurel Hall Building. Check-in will take place in the Laurel Hall lobby. A Storrs campus map can be found at: http://maps.uconn.edu/.

Check-in at Laurel Hall